Own a Mojo and you’ll carry unique English technology in your pocket. Instead of using off-the-shelf, mass-produced components, Mojo’s Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) chipset is a custom-made design, built from the ground up by Chord's exclusive digital designer Rob Watts. The Mojo DAC uses sophisticated, custom-coded Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) circuitry, several times more complex – and accurate – than a standard DAC chipset.





An amplifier like no other

Unique technology = better sound

At every stage of the design and implementation of Mojo’s unique circuitry, Chord’s audio experts have worked with a single aim: to reproduce the original sonic waveform with peerless accuracy. Those powerhouse FPGAs feed a WTA filter with 500 times the processing capacity of a standard DAC chip, paired with exceptional crystal oscillators pulsing at 20 times the frequency of regular DACs. The result? You hear audio reproduced as intended, with superlative timing, clarity, pitch, rhythm and soundstaging.



Mojo vs iPhone

If you’re listening to music on the move with just an iPhone and some headphones, here’s the world of difference you’ll hear by adding a Mojo. It’s an instant upgrade to power, quality and sheer enjoyment!

Output Power

iPhone 6:  3mW

Mojo: 750mW

30 times more power

Dynamic Range

iPhone 6: 92dB

Mojo:  125dB

33db more Dynamic Range

Voltage Drive



5 times more Voltage Drive