Leather Carry Case

Designed specially for Mojo, the Leather Carry Case features a hardened outer protective casing ensuring your Mojo DAC is protected against unwanted scuffs or scratches. The design of the Carry Case also allows you to access all the input and output ports meaning you never have to take Mojo out of the protective case.

Chord Mojo Carry Case
Chord Mojo Carry Case
Chord Mojo Carry Case
Chord Mojo Carry Case Features

Connect Mojo to almost any media device

Cable Accessory Pack

The Cable Accessory pack includes an array of cables to accommodate most devices. Designed to offer compatibility with a wide range of partnering devices, the Mojo Accessory Pack also features Chord’s first-ever add-on Mojo module.

Cables included in the pack

Adapter Module 1x USB Adapter Module
6.5cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm
optical_cable 1x Standard Optical Cable
optical_to_headphone_cable 1x 3.5mm to Standard Optical Cable
3.5mm_headphone_adapter 1x 3.5mm to ¼” Headphone Adapter Cable
Micro to adapter 1x USB Micro to Female USB OTG Cable
Micro to USB A 1x Type A USB to Micro Cable
Dual Micro USB 1x Dual Play and Charge USB Cable
Micro to Micro 1x USB Micro to USB Micro OTG Cable
Wraps Chord Branded Rubber Band Straps
160mm, 180mm
Choke 1x Ferrite RFI Suppression Choke